Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Gains

This project has indeed deepened our understanding in Microbiology, we learnt in detail on how to use light and fluorescent microscopes. We also learnt on how liver cancer could be diagnosed through immunohistochemical methods by detecting vimentin, which if present in high levels in the liver could attribute to cancer. and how nucleuses could be identified via UV lights emitted through a fluorescent microscope. UV lights can be used at crime scenes as well to determine if blood was indeed real at such a crime scene involving human white blood cells, which has a certain definite shape for its nuclei. Next, the histochemical staining methods gave us a better understanding on how to handle cells in preparation for staining with eosin or hematoxylin, this broadening our knowledge further to understand how to identify cancerous cells at early stages in the liver, a telltale sign being that the liver cells are further apart in the samples. In the future, we might teach others on how to conduct such experiments since we have had our experiences in handling such tissues already, given the facilities necessary.

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