Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Personal Reflection by Abu Ubaidah

I chose this project basically because I found it extremely interesting. I have a passion for biology and I love biological experiments that could widen my understanding of diseases and how I could actually tell if any organism has such a disease.

My role in the group, I feel, is to provide moral support to my group members and give my all to my project.

Challenges we encountered in the last few days was that we could not meet up often to plan and prepare for the next day. I believe that we overcame this by doing our best whenever we got the chance to meet up.

Through this project, I discovered how my friends from different classes worked together, New ways to discuss and managing time better.

As an individual, this project has vividly increased my interest in the biological field of future occupations and it also benefitted me in many ways by showing me the ways to spot cancer in liver cells.

I aspire to work as a biochemist, researcher or a teacher to inspire future generations to love the study of life.

Abu Ubaidah

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